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Dr. Mustafa Üstündağ is internationally regarded as the renowned surgeon for hair transplants in Turkey. Together with his medical team, has performed over 9.000 successful hair transplants in more than 10 years.

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Hair Transplantation & Hair Treatments

Panorama Hair Turkey Transplantation Center has been serving hair, beard and eyebrow transplantation since 2016 by using microsurgery method with FUE, DHI and Sapphire FUE technique. We receive people from all over the world. Our country is the most important international health tourism in European continent.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your hair line is drawn based on your forehead muscles when you raise your eyebrows.

The transplanted hair starts to fall off at the end of the first month, and starts to grow back at the end of the third month. Although it varies according to the person, the hair transplanted grows between 6-12 months.

The operation takes about 6-8 hours. The period depends on the number of graft to be transplanted.

During our procedures, you will feel discomfort at the time of anesthesia process. You wouldn't feel any pain afterwards.

While starting the process, the graft are inserted in the natural linear direction of the hair. We get 90% natural appearance in all our cases.

Before the operation; Doctors do tests for: HIV, HEPATITIS A, B, C, and blood counts.

Surgery has no side effects. However, you can reach our team 24/7 by phone or e-mail for all possible questions and doubts.

Although it seems theoretically possible, such an operation cannot be done in practice.

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